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Do rims improve with age?

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  • Do rims improve with age?

    I've just got a new PD-105 and I've noticed the rim is less sensitive than my older one...similarly I checked my old PD-80R against my much newer PD-85 and the difference was significant.

    I've also read the the bell sensitivity on the CY-15 seems to improve as it gets older...

    Is this a documented phenomenon with the dual piezo pads....I'd like to know if others have experienced this or is it just some inconsistency from pad to pad?
    Damian Blunt
    Toontrack Quality Assurance Manager
    TD-20 RMP-12 (Snare) PD-125, 2 x PD-105, 1 x KD-120, VH-12, CY-15R, CY-14, CY-12R/C, 2 x CY-8, CY-5, MDS-12C