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Which VEX kit(s) should I buy for a TD8?

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  • Which VEX kit(s) should I buy for a TD8?

    I just got my TD8 and am really happy, but in truth, the kits are pretty poor.

    I have tried to change them and/or make my own, but with the HUGE list of sounds (and options) its a daunting task.

    I was always against VEX, as I didn't really want to do anythng 'non-default' but the more I read, the more I realise that this is the way to go.

    If I am honest, i just want one, realisitic sounding 'Accoustic' kit.. So I wonder what people recommend.

    In terms of value, their 'combo' deals are best, as you can get ALL of them for around twice the price of one set.. But this may be a bit of an overkill for what I want.

    So, I just wonder if people could tell me what they recommened.. I have already been advised (in another post) that the "Masters" collection is the best, and this is probably what I will go for.

    But figured that someone else might be able to comment.

    I look forwards to your replies.

    All the best


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    Master 50 - no doubt. I have several VEX packs and really only use this one. It's fantastic.
    . digitalDrummer
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        I have been offered a combo deal including the 'Collective' kits.. It doesnt' cost much more for the 2nd kit, so I am tempted.

        But to give me the best range of kits, I don't know whether to go with the Collective or Elite (or session)

        Any thoguhts?



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          Still waiting for my cable.. I have found out that its coming from China (And heard from another source that these 'cheap' types may not even work well with Roland kit).. So I am no closer to being able to get VEX!

          I wrote to them yesturday asking whether they could supply ONE decent kit in 'writen' form, so that I could put it into my module manually, but they couldn't help.

          So I am stuck with the **** kits which come as default.... I tried to create my own, but there are so many sounds, its just daunting!

          I hope the cable comes soon and more importantly that it works, so that I can get cracking with VEX!!