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TD8: Is there a way to see when more than one pad triggers on the display

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  • TD8: Is there a way to see when more than one pad triggers on the display

    I have just got my TD8 and am loving it.. But I am trying to get it setup and have a tiny bit of Crosstalk.

    The problem is that its hard to work out exactly which pad is affected.. On my TD3, multiple pad hits (or Crosstalk) used to light up several LEDs. So, if you hit 2 drums at the same time, you can see 2 lights on the Module

    But with the TD8, it only shows one pad.. No matter what screen I am in, it always show that one pad is being triggered, even if I hit 2 at EXACTLY the same time.

    Is there any way to show multiple pads being hit on the TD8?


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    No. But I think the pad which is being triggered via crosstalk is often the last to get selected, and it should be possible to work out which pad is producing unwanted sounds just from the sound produced.



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      If you're really having a hard time finding bad triggering across the entire kit, hook up the midi to recording software so you can see what's getting triggered.
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