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TD-8, TD-10, or???

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  • TD-8, TD-10, or???

    Ok I want to order a module like NOW lol.

    If price difference between the 2 wasnt a factor, which would be the better buy? I want to eventually add a TMC-6 and build a pretty large kit. I have searched and searched but Im not finding a really good comparison between the 2 that I can understand. By the way this is my first e-kit so I dont exactly understand all of the terms and features completely. if something better can be had for close to the same price Im all ears. I have to have a minimum of 4 toms, 2 crashs to start so I need as many imputs as possible and these both have the same amount.

    Please help as Im looking to purchase at some point today. Thanx guys!!

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    UTFSE. Which is an impolite way of saying search in here and you'll find answers to that question.

    Your welcome.

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      Are you comparing just the module or the entire kit that is standard with each module? I would always recommend the TD-10 over the TD-8. More inputs, outputs and a better user interface are the main reasons I think it is better.The TD-10 set is also a better value than the standard TD-8 kit.


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        Originally posted by grog View Post
        UTFSE. Which is an impolite way of saying search in here and you'll find answers to that question.

        Your welcome.


        Well if you read my post you would have seen that it says I DID SEARCH.....
        THEN it goes on to say this will be my first e-kit and I dont exactly understand what all the different features are. Most of the coversations abot the two get too technical for me to exactly follow. Maybe you should should read my post before making rude comments that are in no way helpful to the question.

        JJdrumz, I was just going to buy a module and piece the kit together. I know both modules are a little out of date so i was just wanting to make sure that I didnt get one that I wouldnt be happy with. I was actually looking at getting a few pads and misc. things from your ebay store. I looked at pics of both modules and it looked like the same amount of inputs to me but I guess not. Do both have dual zone inputs, or is that where the 10 has more over the 8? Basically If I like e-drums I WILL upgrade to possibly a TD-20 later on down the road but its kind of out of the question at this point. So I am just wondering if the differences between the 2 of them will be that big of a deal. Thanx for the reply.


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          This chart from the Hart Dynamics Web site gives a fairly good side-by-side comparison of popular modules. However, it is a bit dated. Note that the new TD-9 is not included either:

          Just to be clear for you, the TD-8 and TD-10 are discontinued, so you'll have to find them used if one of those is your preference. But, that's not difficult to do.

          And for the record, I didn't understand your "searched and searched" comment in your initial post to specifically mean you had found and used the actual search function on this site either. It sounded more like a general comment. "UTFSE" is a running joke here, so take a deep breath.
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            To me the better interface on the 10 is worth the extra money alone...