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Why do most kits have the L-rods facing up?

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  • Why do most kits have the L-rods facing up?

    Hi everyone,

    I wondered why, on nearly all the kits pics I see on the forum, the L-rods are facing up?

    Is it a habit? or fear that the pads will loosen and fall off the bottom if they're facing down? or is it just to get them high enough?

    I was thinking of facing the L-rods down to make it look neater next time I pull the kit down......

    pros and cons?

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    Safety... you don't want your tom rattling right off the rack.

    I've done both... with locks, of course.
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      Facing down?

      Would lose height and the rack bar would be on top with clamp visible, instead a nice designer chrome rack with hidden cables would be nice ...

      But by all means have a go and let us know ... with me i like the pads as high as poss cos i'm a lanky so and so.
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        I go both ways too. (But don't tell anyone )



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          Ditto on the both ways (especially the the floor tom rods facing down).
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            i tried having the L Rods pointing down.. but the pads stick out too far.. atm i have the L rods at the back of the frame, with the pads on top.


            • #7
              Most of mine are facing up with the exception of my hat because it is center mounted behind and above my snare..... so yeah, I go both ways too

              Once my new toms arrive (eight of them), I'll be mixing things up a little so I can fit them all neatly together.


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                I'm all for it!! I have toms 1 & 2 mounted with the L-arms inverted and it works great! They're sturdy as and I've never had any concern about them slipping off, or any difficulty with the position in which they sit. I think it actually looks quite spiffy and feels quite a bit more solidly mounted to me. It just means you have to have the legs of your rack fully extended so the whole thing is raised up higher than normal... that's just so you don't have to lean right over like a hunchback to get to them. Here's a pic of what I mean: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39352

                Peace, Aaron
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                • #9
                  On my new setup I have the rod down .. looks better...

                  BTW Aaron, I use to have the exact same fan you got in one of your photos (1st photo, bottom right corner). There is a safety tilt switch inside, it over heated and the casing started to melt, could have set fire to my appartment.
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                    i don't use L rods any more

                    surely it is easier to adjust the pad clamps with the rods pointing up...?


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                      I use whichever direction is most convenient for how I want to position the pad.


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                        I use both. Both my ride toms are facing up because, well, I like it like that. I like the height. But my Hart Hammer Pad (acting as a cowbell) is on an inverted rod as I wanted that pad to be in a traditional cowbell position. If the toms were inverted it wouldn't have worked.
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                          I can think of several reasons:

                          1. Keeps the rack lower/more stable
                          2. Better visual presentation of the pads (IMO)
                          3. Leaves room above the pads for the placement of other pads


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                            Originally posted by The Source View Post
                            Here's a pic of what I mean:

                            Peace, Aaron
                            Nice kit Aaron, I'm jealous......