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Standard e-drumset vs. converted acoustics!

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  • Standard e-drumset vs. converted acoustics!

    Hi! I want to buy a standard electronic drumset (Roland TD-9KX) but I’m wondering if it’s a better idea to convert my acoustics with mesh heads, triggers(rt-10S, rt-10K, rt-10Tx3), cymbal pads(cy-12R, cy-8, vh-11) and the TD-9 sound module. I want the e-drums for quiet practicing, home recording and to combine electronic sounds with the acoustics (for rehearsals and gigs).
    I need to know the deference’s between the standard e-drums and the converted acoustics...
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    acoustic vs electric

    I have some nice red shot triggers (external) on my acoustic drums with mesh heads but my pintech kit(electric) sounds and feels superior, but i am sure if i was to play around with the heads on the acoustic( loosen or tighten more) and **** with the module a little then that would be cool too.
    Pintech e-jam with TD6 brain + vintage olympic kit


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      I converted my acoustics, and I love them. The only real difference between mine and a Roland/Hart/Yamaha are dual zone toms. If the module is going to be the same either way, then the only differences are in the pads. If you are handy with tools and soldering and enjoy tinkering with things, then I don't see why you couldn't get a converted kit to play just as well as a Roland. Depending on the kit you convert, it could look a lot cooler than Roland pads.

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