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CY-12R on TD-3?

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  • CY-12R on TD-3?

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a CY-12R to use as the ride for my TD-3. I specifically want it for the bell/bow functionality that is missing from the CY-8. Is the TD-3 fully compatible with the CY-12R? The reason I ask is because if I hit my CY-8 too hard on the ride sounds, it gives me a bell sound. Will it continue to do this with the CY-12R even though it has a seperate bell trigger? If it does I might as well just get third CY-8 and a PD-105 or something like that.
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    It will work fine but it isn't 100% compatible since you wouldn't want to tie up an input to get the edge trigger. It will allow you to use the bell and the bow triggers of the CY-12C/R just fine.


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      Originally posted by Iceroid View Post
      Will it continue to do this with the CY-12R even though it has a seperate bell trigger?
      It depends on which instrument sound you have assigned to the pad.
      Rd1 and Rd4 are velocity switching sounds, and playing the pad forcefully will trigger the switched sound.

      Originally posted by BarT View Post
      I can only suggest setting Velocity Curve to LOUD2 (Edit > Cur; Ld2) which would give the least amount of difference between soft and hard hits. Then reduce sensitivity until you can't quite produce the bell sound from the bow.
      BarT's suggestion really helped me fine tune my DIY 2 zone ride, and the settings should work fine to bring the seperation you want to your CY-12R. I reduced the pad sensitivity to 7, and while I can still trigger the bell sound with a dynamic strike, it happens much less frequently and allows me to control the bow sound and the bell sound independently by striking in one of the two distinct zones.

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