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Opinions please on a child's first E-kit

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  • Opinions please on a child's first E-kit

    My nephew just had his first communion and got a bit of money for it. He decided to save some and "invest" the rest in an electronic drum set.

    He's 7 years old and has been playing since he was 1. He has always loved it beyond a fad or phase and spends a lot of time practicing...with nobody even pressuring him to do so. He's getting pretty good for a 7 year old.

    He has an acoustic kit (well his dad does)

    He wants a portable e kit that he can take to his friend's houses and play on his lap.

    The budget is around 100 (Being his godfather, I gave him a $100 bill for the occasion...so how fitting is it that he wants to blow it on an E kit :eek ) I think my sister will suppliment him to 200 if it makes a big difference in quality and means it will get use well beyond a toy.

    Does anyone have any input on cheap but decent all-inclusive E kits?

    For the record, I live 3 states away and he's never seen my E kit so I've had no influence on him. I laughed my butt off when my sister told be about his G.A.S.

    Also, he's very fortunate because his dad is an excellent guitarist and they have all kinds of equipment in the basement...pa, guitars, drum set. So he can and does jam. (so it would be nice if the e-kit had ouputs for the pa)

    Below are a couple I found. Does anyone have any experience with them or know of others that are decent?

    Easy Cheapo gig set:
    Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz, Mahogany; ultra portable 4 piece in custom DIY flame sparkle wrap.

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    I think that Yamaha YDD60AD at Walmart is hard to beat for that purpose at that price. Anything else will be more expensive or less complete or both.