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Handsonic or Spd-20?

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  • Handsonic or Spd-20?

    Hey there guys,

    Im really interested in buying one of these great products but im not sure which one will suit me better. my main aim by getting one of these is to link it to a mac laptop with maybe ableton or logic as the host and use the host program to create loops,sounds etc that can then be assigned to the pads of one of these instruments which in turn would allow me to hit a pad and play a preprogrammed sequence and then allow me to add live percussion myself etc. Can these drum pads be used for doing this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    It depends on what you want to play. Are you a hand percussionist?


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      Sounds like an Alesis performance pad would suit you better. If you just need a MIDI controller, no sense paying for sound modules.


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        yes, it all depends on if you use hands or sticks......
        I'm a big fan of the SPD-20 and use it bioth to enhance my kit and as a standalone percussion padset
        - it can be cymbal kit / tom kit / tuned mallets and ethnic percussion all in one device, and an ultra-portable full drumkit by adding an FD-8 and a KD-7....but you can see that I'm biased.....


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          Thanks for the replies,

          Ya i know that its really either sticks or hands but i can do both so im more concerned with the features of each and how these features can help with the live environment im trying to achieve. At the moment i think the spd 20 is looking more promising as i presume you can use its factory sound modules alongside your own sound samples thru the use of midi? So in theory could i trigger a preprogrammed sequence on one the pads while i do live percussion using the rest?...One artist that ive seen use this sort of setup live was konami
          ..theres a few vids on youtube of him, In the vids hes got the spd linked up with natives battery on his mac but im not sure if he triggers his own sequences alongside his live percussion,

          thanks again


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            Both the SPD-20 and the Handsonic can be used as a MIDI controlled sound module. So it will boil down to whether you want to use hands or sticks and what kind of sounds you want.

            The HPD-15 (which I have) does an incredible job recreating the nuances of hand percussion; bass tones, mutes, slaps, etc. If that is what you are looking for, it would be a no-brainer.

            If you are leaning more toward the stick-based stuff, cowbells, timbales, snares, cymbals. The SPD-20 would seem to be your best choice.


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              What Mr Render said.

              I too have a HPD-15(which by the way with a FD-7 and KD-7 gives me a full drumkit away from the big set, but then I too am biased the other direction)

              I get passable drum reproduction and exceptional hand percussion.
              Stuff to hit


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                ...from the sound of the positive replies I think you need both Paul.....to make it worse I just got an SPD-S which is great to tie all the other bits together......