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Handsonic Stand

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  • Handsonic Stand

    Before I get the HPD15 I want to get all the necessary parts to mount it. Instead of getting the whole stand I'm looking for the mounting bracket and arm assembly so I could mount it to a rack. Where can I find this part? Or do I just have to buy the entire stand?

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    You can get the arm - I got a "no-name" brand one from Billy Hyde (in Australia) for less than $30 and it fits perfectly into a tom/cymbal clamp to mount my SPD-20 above the hanging toms.

    Not sure about the mounting bracket though.....as I already had the entire stand and used the bracket from that.....


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      For the upright bar, you can use a Gibraltar SC-EA-100 like this:

      And the module plate is a Roland MDP-7U like this:


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        Thanks, that's exactly what I'm looking for. And since I already have a stand base for use away from the kit along with a rack for kit use the arm and plate is a lot cheaper than Roland's overpriced stand.


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          Glad to have helped. I'm thinking of going this route myself when I get my SPD-S rather than buying the Roland stand.......