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Pintech PC14HH Hihat pad

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  • Pintech PC14HH Hihat pad

    I considering getting the Pintech PC14HH 14" Hihat pad for a new e-drum set up. It says this on the acutually description on Pintech's website where it can be purchase, "PC14HH 14" trigger hi hat cymbal semi-transparent w/controller. Mono & Stereo cable included. Totally natural feel and sensitivity."
    So does it require a hihat control pedal or does it connect to the module with out the use of hihat control pedal. Anybody have or use this pad with there setup that can answer this for me. Thanks.
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    I don't know about the Pintech cymbals...but I did buy a Pintech Dingbat from Brian at Hope Drums. He was very helpful and knew his stuff. If nobody on the site knows the answer, he should be able to help you out. Check out his web site.

    I'd be interested in the answer as the high hat on the TD-3 based kits isn't much like a "real" one.


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      But the pintech HH seems to be a single-zone one. To bad imho.
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