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Cases? [for TD-6 kit]

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  • Cases? [for TD-6 kit]

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for cases to pack my TD6 kit in for travel. I would like something that does not involve tearing the kit apart but rather folding it and packing it away. Do you have any suggestions? How do you transport your E Drums?
    Roland TD 6 XST with extra CY and mesh pad.......also using a 22" acoustic Pacific bass drum with a Rolland trigger.

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    Hi drumeer,

    A big professional road case on casters would do the trick - but they're heavy and you'd need a small truck or van with some loading ramps to transport them....(and a roadie)


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      Hard Cases

      I just transported my TD6SW for the first time by laying it down on couch cushions in the back of my SUV. It's efficient, but not a good idea for the long term.

      I too am looking for a hard case. I contacted a drum case company just a couple of days ago and they wanted me to send in measurements for what I need. I have better things to do. I've seen that others have made their own custom cases, but has anyone purchased a set of hard cases that we know are a good fit for the TD6SW?


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        I use a STANLEY tool box from Lowes! I pack the majority of my TD-12 in it!
        It has wheels and a retractable handle and locks as well. Lowes sells it for $49.99. It is called a "24 Gallon PRO MOBILE JobChest".
        There is a stock number... but it probably belongs to Stanley rather than Lowes... #29025
        As the Wise Ole' drummer says... !:cool:


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          Adding to my previous post... the stock number for the JobChest at Lowes is # 101939 Modle # 29005.
          Disregard the previous # listed.
          As the Wise Ole' drummer says... !:cool: