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Is this worth $2,500?

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  • Is this worth $2,500?

    Is this a good buy for a first time electronic set? Thanks in advance!

    Roland V-drums = 50 drum kits in one,plus room for 5 custom kits of your own.
    Contains:frame,TD-10 sound module, snare, snare stand, four tom pads, high hat pad + foot control, three cymbal pads, bass pad with Gibraltar double bass pedal,drumsticks + lesson books, and a Roland KC-500 "Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier" - 19" x 23"
    Always perfectly in tune. It sounds amazing! Must see/play
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    For $2,000 perhaps; not $2,500.



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      I just looked at that on craigslist. Talk them down if you can. E
      Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.


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        Originally posted by Eric Pearl View Post
        I just looked at that on craigslist. Talk them down if you can. E
        You must be in my neck of the woods.

        I did a little looking and didn't get a warm fuzzy on the TD10 sets. I've found a couple of TD12s in the same price range and think I'll shoot for that instead. I'm anxious to play again! It's been a couple of decades since I last played (family took all my free time).... I blew a grand on the Mrs. for mother’s day and now she's actually cheering me on!

        Gotta strike while the iron's hot!

        Thanks guys for the feed back!