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TD-9 + Roland CM-30 == success!

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  • TD-9 + Roland CM-30 == success!

    Hi all, just wanted to share that I got a Roland CM-30 Cube (cheap from ebay) for my new TD-9 kit, and it's great. Now, this isn't an amp with which you can go all out during a gig, but for personal use and some jamming with friends it's really nice. I was especially surprised by the amount of bass it manages to generate, which is impressive for such a small (size-wise) amp.

    In other news, a Yamaha PCY130s cymbal has also been a very nice addition to my kit This GAS affliction you people keep mentioning seems to have infected me too...

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    Nice find
    I thought your thread title was a typo at first and thought you meant PM30.

    I think the GAS epidemic is being spread throughout this forum very easily and it seems to completely bypass our virus scanners, no matter how good they are!!! ......actually, now that I think about it, that makes even more sense.... I have a really bad case of GAS and I've been spending considerable amount of time here!