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  • Need suggestions

    Hi all! new here so here's my question. I want to program drum patterns into a computer. Up until now I've been using the keys on my keyboard to trigger the sounds but it's so time consuming.
    I am a drummer as well and would llike to know what the best "bang for the buck" would be in getting a drum controller. I looked into midi drums sets. but they're too expensive. I would rent, but the stores don't rent them out. I don't need it long term. I looked somewhat into the alessis midi drum controller but I don't have any hands on with theses units. I don't need sounds, just the controller. Any thoughts? Thanks ! Jake

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    Welcome aboard

    What is your budget? Maybe you could look at finding a second hand TD3 module if you are after a trigger to midi converter on the cheap.


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      I got "Reason Adapted" which is a cut down version of Reason, i got that and Ableton Live Lite for a few quid off Ebay.

      Reason has an easy to use programmable drum machine called Redrum and you can assign any WAV samples to it.

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      Of course it's not real drumming but it's an easy and cheap way to, as you said "program drum patterns into a PC" it's like a step sequencer ... i just fired mine up and within 3 mins had a great cuban beat going from scratch ... it's good fun.
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        Reason is a fantastic app. I must agree with Daveybabes here

        The drums in my songs Valentine and Phil's Mansion (with it's big Phil Collins style tom solo at the end) were done in Reason (before I got my TD12).
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