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Second Round of TD-9's

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  • Second Round of TD-9's

    Just wondering if anyone has heard about the second round of TD-9 shipments?

    Anxiously waiting for my TD-9SX with additional CY12, VH-11 and KD-85.

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    I got a call from the store I pre-ordered from that it came in last week. (I canceled a few weeks ago cause it was taking so long and didn't feel right leaving my money with them for an undetermined amount of time, good thing too ... a bunch of people at my work got laid off last week and the whole conract could be gone soon, Rolands slow shipping may have saved me some headaches)
    Drumless for now


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      Any more news?

      I was told by Midwest Percussion that I'm next on their list and they are just waiting for two kits to be released from Roland.


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        Did they say how long? I am hoping by months end.


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          Nope. I guess it's just a matter of when Roland gets the TD-9's to them.

          I thought I read a post elsewhere about Roland shipping out kits on the 15th, but don't quote me on that.

          Remaining hopeful that I'll see mine by the end of the month.


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            Just received an e-mail from GC stating that they just got some TD-9's in stock, so I'm hoping that Midwest will have a kit for me soon!


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              Just got word from BPM that the second round of TD-9's left Roland today. He will only be receiving 2 this round. Fortunately I made the cut.


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                Well, I'm hoping that what this means is that Roland is shipping to all of the stores that are currently awaiting order. If that's the case, then maybe I'll see my kit by the end of next week.

                First e-kit........can't wait!


                • #9
                  Apparently mine will be here end of this week or start of next week! Come on Roland!!!
                  TD9KX w/KD-120 kick, VH-11 HH, PD-125 snare, CY-8 crash, Gibralter double pedal :cool:


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                    I have Fed Ex tracking numbers now with an anticipated delivery date of May 23rd. Wooo Hooo!


                    • #11
                      The longest 48 hours of your life....


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                        Hello all. First time posting here. Just wanted to voice my anxiousness.

                        I've been waiting for the TD-9SX shipments to come here to Hawaii since april... I can't wait for it to finally come in but, it's just quite tiring. xD

                        I guess I just have to wait then.


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                          Did you check with mike at Easy Music.
                          They had a new TD9 kit at the Honolulu store Roland clinic.


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                            Yep, I was actually there at the Roland Clinic It was quite enjoyable.

                            Though I was notified that the TD-9 that they had set up was already promised to another customer before I got there.

                            Currently, I call every so often to check if they got it yet. All I get is the standard "We're just waiting for our shipment". And yes, I have it preordered. I put a grand down for it.

                            I'm just both anxious and excited about getting the set in my house...


                            • #15
                              Butch1970 have you heard anything yet from Midwest Percussion? I too am anxiously awaiting a kit from them.