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Kick drum response on brush kits

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  • Kick drum response on brush kits

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed an issue with the response of their kick drums when using brush kits.
    I have tweaked the stock TD12 brush kit to a point where I really like it but I have noticed that my kick drum does not respond to ghost notes or rapid playing. It misses notes. As soon as I turn off the brush switch, it works perfectly. I tried activating the brush switch on other stock kits and it does the same thing so this is not limited to my tweaked kit.
    I have tried a multitude of various settings for snare and kick triggers and have played about in depth with crosstalk settings to see if I can improve it but nothing seems to make a lot of difference (apart from turning off the brush switch).

    If anyone else has noticed this and has any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you

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    A similar effect has been noted here at least once: patch upset

    And it was previously observed here (somewhere!) that the Brush Switch setting seems to apply slightly different threshold and/or sensitivity settings to the entire kit, even though its purpose is primarily to improve brush snare sweeping (and perhaps response to lighter hits on drums and cymbals EXCEPT the kick).

    If it still misbehaves with XTALK CANCEL set to OFF on the kick trigger, then my guess would be that the Brush Switch overrides your normal settings for Threshold on all triggers. For most pads, it would probably lower the threshold setting; but perhaps by going to standard values it actually makes the kick threshold higher than you normally have it set. If that were the case then there wouldn't be much you could do about it except kick harder when using brushes!

    This is all guesswork because Roland doesn't document the real effect of the Brush Switch anywhere.

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      Thanks for your thoughts on this Bruce. As usual, your input is very much appreciated

      I was thinking along similar line to you too and, as you say, I haven't been able to find any documentation on this.
      I do indeed have my kick crosstalk set to off. I'm using a KD8 on a carpeted floor and don't play at excessive volumes so this setting works extremely well.

      I can live with the kick thing on my brush kit for now but just thought if anyone had discovered a solution, I'd give it a shot. My TD20 should be here any day and I'll be keeping my TD12 as well so I'll have some flexibility with triggering options and can have brushes on on one module and off on the other for brush kits which will solve the issue with my set up.