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Roland Handypad PAD-5

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  • Roland Handypad PAD-5

    Anyone ever play around with one of these things? I've seen them on eBay and finally found got one in a price range I'd consider ($30.00).

    It's a quick way to add 5 more sounds. It also has built in drum machine rhythms. I like putting some of the Latin rhythms on and canceling some of the parts and playing along.

    My kids also are having a blast with it since they can push all the buttons on it and not screw anything up (unlike my mixer and modules).
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    I think yours may be the first mention here of that MIDI controller (c 1984-1989). Quite unusual to have pads and rhythms but no sounds. Looks like a fun box for that price.

    The manual can still be downloaded from Roland US, just in case it didn't come with one.



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      Thanks Bruce. Downloaded the manual when I won it on eBay. I like that you can actually get access to 10 sounds (5 normal and another 5 when you press the Pad Assign button). The sounds can be dialed in by MIDI note number. I mounted it on a module mount with sticky velcro - my kids still want access to it to play it with their hands so I can rip it off the mount and put it on my old throne for them to beat on.

      I am surprised that it hasn't ever come up before now. I did a search on it awhile back when I was looking at them on eBay but they always went for $50.00 or more + shipping.
      Frequent GAS Sufferer

      TD-9, RMP-12, RMP-5 & SonicCell on Gibraltar Quad Stands.