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VH-12 trigger level

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  • VH-12 trigger level

    I have recently purchased the TD-20k. Its just awesome.

    The trigger level on the hi-hat when played with feet somehow goes to red sometimes. My hi-hat is wide open but then that is what gives the right feel.

    Is there any way to get the sensitivity of the hi-hat foot to go low without reducing gap b/w the hi-hats?

    What is the maximum size of compact flash cards that the TD-20 supports.
    I ask that as i cant see cards lower then 2gigs anywhere and all i read on the forum is about 512MB


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    I don't think it's worth worrying about the foot closing occasionally going into the red on the trigger LEDs. If it's actually too loud, there's a setting for Pedal HH Volume in each kit at MIXER, KIT VOL (F4).

    512MB is the maximum size for a TD-20 CF card; that size or smaller are difficult to find, but not impossible. Some have had success at photography stores, others on eBay.