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TD8 Module: Which pads support 'position sensing'?

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  • TD8 Module: Which pads support 'position sensing'?

    I have just managed to buy a TD8 as an upgrade to my TD3.

    I have been reading the manual online and it talks about 'positioning sensing' and lists several pads which need to be used.

    But since the manual is old, I am guessing that it doesn't list the current pads.

    I currently have PDX8, PD8 and CY8 and CY5 pads.. Do any of these support 'position sensing'?

    I have also been offered a PD120 for a good price.. Would this support position sensing?

    I look forwards to your reply.


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    The only input on a TD8 that supports PS is the snare input. I know you can use a PD8 and PD120 I'm not sure about the PDX. In order for PS to work the piezo has to be in the center of the head and I'm not sure but the PDX may have the sensor on the side?
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      I upgraded from a td3 to a td8 recently and also got a pd120 at the same time. Only the snare input has PD and works with the 120 pad. Also with the newer pads there is a table in the manual that gives you the settings for use with older modules. If you didn't already know. Hope that helps...
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        laystay is right. The pdx does not support positional sensing.