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carrying case for hardware

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  • carrying case for hardware

    Hello, I am currently a traveling student who is moving around alot every year to and from home, and to and from new places where Im doing internships for summer and what not and I was just curious what cases everyone uses to safely and compactly move a e-kit (in my case a DTXpress IV Spec). I am mostly concerned with racks

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    well... I found this page on the West Coast Drums website. It has some cases for electronic drums - only going up to a DTXpress III but may still be of use to you...

    Has anyone tried these cases? Are they any good? I'm thinking of getting one for my TD8.


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      Rubbermaid works well with home made dividers.
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        Military surplus shipping cases are great, are pretty much immortal, and can be had for cheap. Here's a link to an ebay store with some that might be of interest: http://stores.ebay.com/waterychas . These are cases that you can buy once and use for decades.

        Disclaimer: I haven't done any business with this vendor personally, and know nothing about them- this is just the result of a quick search on Ebay for "shipping cases". But their prices seem to be worth a look, and their feedback is at 100% for 2000+ sales- so take that for what it's worth...


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          Most of those cases in the waterychas eBay store are square and are great for carrying drums/triggers. I think he's looking for a solution on how to transport his rack. I use a keyboard soft case for an 88 key keyboard to carry mine. However, my cymbal arms are pretty heavy duty so it's beginning to tear. Anyone have any other solutions for rack transport?


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            thanks for the input guys, but yeah, my interest is mostly in rack carriage.