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TD-9 Crosstalk? Help

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  • TD-9 Crosstalk? Help

    Hi guys. I got my TD-9SX about a week ago and couldn't be happier. I noticed an odd problem this morning. It appears that when I kick the bass pedal, I'm starting to hear a cymbal triggering as well.

    I went into the kit setup to see if I had something strange in the triggering, and when I trigger my bass pad, either "Kick", "Ride" or "Crash 1" is randomly triggering. If I trigger either the Ride or the Crash, those are both normal, but the kick trigger is flaking out.

    I did a full module reset, figuring maybe I changed a setting somewhere without realizing it, but that didn't fix it. I also reseated all the connections just in case something was lose, but that didn't help either.

    Anyone see this before or have any suggestions before I try to call Roland about this tonight?

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    You'll need to increase the X-Talk setting for the kick drum pad.


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      Originally posted by ige87 View Post
      You'll need to increase the X-Talk setting for the kick drum pad.
      Nope; for the Ride and Crash. It's Xtalk Cancel.



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        Awesome. Thanks for the help guys.


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          Damn, I still havn't quite got how it works. Thanks Bruce!

          I knew that, why didn't I say it? I've had a very bad week....Sorry guys!