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Playmat for sound proofing?

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  • Playmat for sound proofing?


    I've read all the threads concerning vibration issues and what the solutions are (I checked out the tennis ball/plywood option, but unfortunately I have no car, nor do I have a drill to make the holes), so I was wondering if any of you guys tried putting playmats (those that kids play on) under your v-drum?

    I found some for relatively cheap and was wondering if perhaps putting one on top of the other would impact the amount of vibration my downstrairs neighbour would hear.



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    I bet they would work, or at least help. I think using several layers is a good idea.


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        They help some, but don't expect miracles. Specifically, if you have a downstairs neighbor complaining about drumming, a playmat by itself isn't going to solve the problem.

        I lived in a rough apartment (thin walls and floor-wise) a while ago, and I had a layer of those thick, semihard "puzzle pieces" floor matting, then a layer of cardboard, then a layer of soft foam rubber matting such as are used for babies, and finally another layer of "puzzle pieces" -- and then my drums on top of that.

        That definitely did cut the vibrations down -- you could feel the floor vibrating much less standing on it while somebody else played the kit. It definitely wasn't perfect, but I never did have to "meet my neighbor"! I was sort of maxed out on layers with that approach though -- the more layers you add, the more tipsy the whole contraption becomes.

        There's lots of threads around here on soundproofing -- a lot of people have had success with the tennis ball platform approach.

        The thing that always freaked me out was that none of those layers were fireproof -- if that thing ever caught on fire, the whole apartment would have been toast.


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          Common problem


          Currently i have a jigsaw foam mat and a Roland TDM 10 on top, i've tried layers aplenty, foam under bass pedal, tennis balls etc

          Come to the conclusion that the only way to solve it is expensive pro sound proof matting under the floor, or maybe suspending the whole kit from the ceiling joists with high strength steel cables lol Trapeze Drummer and a bit of a swinger ...

          Decided to just settle with the jig mat and TDM10.
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