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Kick beater issue

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  • Kick beater issue

    I got this pdp double pedal with my td9 kit and the thing keeps bashing my shins and ankle. Is this due to the pedal or my playing style? I know its a cheap pedal and I have tried my best to adjust it but have had zero luck. Is my only option to shell out another 300+ dollars for a dw or is there a work around? Thanks in advance. My shins really hurt

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    There should be some adjustments you can make to alter how far the pedal bounces back. You'll need to adjust the point that the spring pulls the pedal back to. Usually there is a drum-key bolt atop the pedal spring cam(on the right hand side of the main pedal and left for the slave) which changes ow far the beater will come back. You may find that once you've done this, the pedal board will be too low, but you should be able to change that too. Which pedal do you have?


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      Yes sounds like you need to adjust the Throw

      Look in the owners manual that the pdp pedal came with and read how to adjust the Throw of the pedal


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        I wish I had the model #. As far as any info, all that came in the box was a pedal so I have no info on how to adjust the throw. The piece that attaches to the spring for tension can only be on one way due to the way the bar is cut with a slot. The pedal was free when I bought my kit so im not gonna *****, I just wish it was easier to adjust.


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          any pics so we can help u adjust it?


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            I'll take a few when I get home. Thanks for the help.