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Using my TD-20s for silent practice...

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  • Using my TD-20s for silent practice...

    Wow, its been forever since I've been here, but I've gotten myself back in to a music project and wanted to have my guitar players, vocals, and bass player at my house to do rehearsal.

    I have a TD-20, but I'm curious as to what I would need and how I would go about having everyone plug in with headphones so we can all hear each other.

    What do I need to do?

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    Have a look at the Mackie HMX56. Quite a few people here have them and swear by them. Not sure on price though..... As long as you're band is not more than 6 people.... You'll also need pre-amps/pods for bass/guitar/vox. Or, you can run from the line outs on amps and a small mixer for the vocals.


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      Difficult to find a Mackie HMX-56 in stock anywhere though. I think it's discontinued.



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        Yes, but some ingenuity and some luck on ebay you should find one.


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          I was lucky enought to get an HMX-56 before they were discontinued. I still cannot understand why Mackie stopped making them. They could sell them for $300 and still move them, IMO.

          A relatively inexpensive alternative is a Rolls 4-channel headphone amp. You don't get the custom mix option of the Mackie, but I had one prior to my Mackie and it worked fine. Just don't use earbuds - the impedance mismatch can create problems. I don't see any reason why you would not be able to plug a second Rolls headphone amp into one of the four outs on the first and get seven channels, or even cheat a bit and use a y-splitter to get a fifth set of phones.