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Vdrum Helpers!!! TD-9 Prob. I Need Your Help [Where to buy]

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  • Vdrum Helpers!!! TD-9 Prob. I Need Your Help [Where to buy]

    Hey guys, I'm kind of in a tight spot right now.

    Ok here it goes

    Today I went to my local Guitar Center and saw a floor model TD-9S out their. So I was bargaining with a dealer (who surprisingly was very nice). He told me the out of the door price for the floor model TD-9S with a PDP drum pedal, that usually is $50, was $1606.00, (for those who don't know TD-9S regularly go for $1595.00)

    So here comes the problem part. At BPM-music they sell the TD-9S for $1350.00 and the SX version for $1850.00 (the one I want a little more). So I check if they would honor the price of the TD-9S from BPM-music since that is the only model they have. They say they dont, and they said it would be better for me to buy from GC because BPMmusic does not offer warranties (which to me is a must) So this where all you Vdrum helpers come in.

    I need to make a decision. Go for the the floor model TD-9S (comes with a pedal and warranty, and also note that there is no waiting time) OR Go through BPM-music and get the TD-9SX and get the price I want, the kit I like a little bit better, but not get the warranty I need plus the waiting time of a month or two.

    Thanks if you read through my monster of a question. Hoping to Hear your responses .

    PS. I need this question Answered before 5PM tommorow or someone is for sure going to grab the TD-9 off the floor .

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    I call B.S. I never saw anything on BPM about there not being a warranty. Sounds like a scare tactic to me.

    If you can wait and really want the SX, go for BPM. You can try e-mailing them to get a guess as to how long the expected wait is based on the number of pre-orders they have, though they won't be able to tell you for sure. I'm still waiting for my SX kit which will probably ship in mid to late May.


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      get the TD-9SX, mesh heads are a god send!


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        I do not know BPM, but I think it is virtually impossible to believe they do not have a waranty. This is just another example of the tactics that a GC employee is willing to shovel your way in order to make a sale. This employee should be reported, at least the store manager should be made aware of this event.

        BTW, there are a number of reputable sellers of the TD-9s that are not charging the full MAP (minimum advertised price) like GC is.


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          All new Roland products include a Limited Consumer Warranty when purchased from an authorized Roland dealer (which includes BPM). The GC salesperson may be referring to an extended warranty that GC may be offering in addition to the standard Roland Consumer Warranty.

          "Roland Corporation U.S. warrants to the first consumer purchaser from an authorized Roland or BOSS dealer that this product will be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship from the date of purchase until the period of time indicated for this product on the chart accompanying this Limited Warranty."

          The Roland US warranty for drum sets is 1 year parts, 90 days labor (except for AC adaptors, clamps, and drumheads).

          My advice? Ask questions and get all the details.


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            Thanks for all you help guys I think I might actually go with the SX through BPM.


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              After using it for a couple of weeks, my advice would be to get the 9-SX, if you can afford the extra bucks. As said before the mesh heads are a lot better than the rubber ones. They also look better and make less noice. I was even thinking about trading in the KD-8 for a (mesh head) KD-85BK.


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                If you've got the extra bucks, go for the all-mesh option. My first kit had rubber toms because I thought I could save some money and it wouldn't make that much difference. I was wrong, and couldn't wait until I was able to upgrade to a mesh kit. Save yourself the trouble and extra expense down the road and go with mesh from the beginning.
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                  I heard BPM is a very good place to buy... another great place is RMC Audio... rmcaudio.com. I saved a bundle with them and bought an entire set up... pedals, throne, HH stand, PM-30 monitor... etc.
                  Eric and Tyler both are on this board.
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