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TD-9 - USB error?

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  • TD-9 - USB error?

    Hello all
    I have the TD-9 and I'm getting an error message when accessing the USB menu with or without a USB key inserted. Is anyone else having this trouble?
    Is there a certain kind of USB key or formatting I should know of? I'm using a regular Sandisk USB key drive....
    Thanks a lot

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    It probably isn't seeing your USB stick -- that is why it gives you the same message when you don't have anything plugged in. I only tried two different USB sticks that I had laying around, and they both worked for me. So, not sure what is wrong with yours. Did you make sure that it is plugged in all the way?

    Anyway, you should see a pop-up message when you plug in your USB device. The message says something to the effect that it is checking the USB memory device. Do you get that message?



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      Originally posted by bfreedy View Post
      Is there a certain kind of USB key or formatting I should know of?
      From the manual (page 60):
      Formatting a USB memory key

      When executing the Format operation, all data on the USB
      memory key (backup data, Quick Rec data, and audio
      files) will be lost.
      1. In the “USB UTILITY” screen, press [F3] (DL/FMT).
      The “USB DELETE/FORMAT” screen appears.
      2. Press [F3] (FORMAT).
      The “USB FORMAT” screen appears.
      3. Press [F3] (EXEC).
      If you decide to cancel, press [F1] (CANCEL).
      A confirmation screen appears.
      4. To execute the Format operation, press [F3] (OK).
      If you decide to cancel, press [F1] (CANCEL).
      When formatting is done, the screen will indicate
      “Completed” and you will return to the “DRUM KIT”


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        But, as I understand it from the first post, he can't get to the "format" screen because it gives him an error message when he tries to access the USB menu. So, none of those menu options are available to him.



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          Make sure its formatted as a FAT32 drive rather than NTFS as I doubt the module will read an NTFS drive using your pc.


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            that message is comming up,not the problem td9 is not reading downloaded tracks from the memory stick