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Yamaha PCY130S cymbal on MDS-9 stand

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  • Yamaha PCY130S cymbal on MDS-9 stand

    Hello, I very recently bought a TD-9KX kit and have been looking to get an additional cymbal. I've browsed through the forum and found that the Yamaha PCY130S cymbal is liked by a lot of people. My only concern is what I should get to mount the cymbal on my stand. Can I just get the Roland MDY-10 cymbal mount, or are there other (better/cheaper) options? One thing I really want to function correctly is the anti-spin mechanism.

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      I was not a big fan of the Roland boom arms - I just think that for the same money you can find some much nicer boom arms from the other manufacturers (Gibraltar, Pearl, Tama, etc). I am not certain if the tube diameter of these other booms are the exact size to fit in the Roland mounts, but that can be easily solved by using a Gibraltar-type multiclamp (which fit any standard 1.5" rack system).
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        I love the Gibraltar 360* Degree Tilter Stands

        Here is the link to the Gibraltar SC-SB Cymbal Boom/Arm

        This one has a short base but they also make a long base version if you need the cymbal up higher

        The long base # is SC-LB

        These stands will work fine with the Yamaha Cymbals and Anti Spin connector

        Here is the link to the Short Base--->http://www.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...d=471&pid=1610

        Here is the link to the long base--->http://www.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...d=471&pid=1611

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          Thanks for the info, I think I'll go with the Gibraltar short boom arm. Am I correct in assuming that I can use the Gibraltar SC-GRSSMC (http://www.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...d=492&pid=1744) to attach the boom to the kit's stand?


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            Yep, looks good to me.


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              Yes that clamp will be fine to use


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                Thanks, I'll go ahead and order it. Can't wait to bring some variation in my cymbal playing