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Yamaha PCY130S cymbal on MDS-9 stand

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  • Yamaha PCY130S cymbal on MDS-9 stand

    Hello, I very recently bought a TD-9KX kit and have been looking to get an additional cymbal. I've browsed through the forum and found that the Yamaha PCY130S cymbal is liked by a lot of people. My only concern is what I should get to mount the cymbal on my stand. Can I just get the Roland MDY-10 cymbal mount, or are there other (better/cheaper) options? One thing I really want to function correctly is the anti-spin mechanism.

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    I have a yamaha CY 150 s ride, it does come with an effective anti spin kit but i have it fitting nicely on a non Roland cymbal arm (it's from Jobeky drums in the UK 14.99) i tried it on one of my other arms that are Roland and instead of the metal wedge shaped stopper you will need a curved washer and felt pad and use the original Roland wing nut, the anti spin device for the Yammy is fitted under that washer, well that's how it is with mine
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      I was not a big fan of the Roland boom arms - I just think that for the same money you can find some much nicer boom arms from the other manufacturers (Gibraltar, Pearl, Tama, etc). I am not certain if the tube diameter of these other booms are the exact size to fit in the Roland mounts, but that can be easily solved by using a Gibraltar-type multiclamp (which fit any standard 1.5" rack system).
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        I love the Gibraltar 360* Degree Tilter Stands

        Here is the link to the Gibraltar SC-SB Cymbal Boom/Arm

        This one has a short base but they also make a long base version if you need the cymbal up higher

        The long base # is SC-LB

        These stands will work fine with the Yamaha Cymbals and Anti Spin connector

        Here is the link to the Short Base--->http://www.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...d=471&pid=1610

        Here is the link to the long base--->http://www.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...d=471&pid=1611

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          Thanks for the info, I think I'll go with the Gibraltar short boom arm. Am I correct in assuming that I can use the Gibraltar SC-GRSSMC (http://www.gibraltarhardware.com/ind...d=492&pid=1744) to attach the boom to the kit's stand?


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            Yep, looks good to me.


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              Yes that clamp will be fine to use


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                Thanks, I'll go ahead and order it. Can't wait to bring some variation in my cymbal playing