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New Handsonic

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  • New Handsonic

    I've been thinking of getting a Handsonic 15, but it's been out for almost ten years and I'm not sure if I should wait for a new model to come out or not. Does anybody know if Roland has plans on updating the HPD-15?

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    Even if they did they wouldn't tell anyone. Take the latest kits and module (TD-9) as an example; did anyone except Roland have any clue about them before the official announcement? It seems inevitable that a new Handsonic will be produced one day, as they're very popular with both amateurs and professionals. But I wouldn't expect anyone outside of Roland to have any advance knowledge.

    I know this doesn't help much but it's a risk we all take when buying a product (that the new improved version is just around the corner).



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      I would have thought they would have a newer replacement for the HPD-15 a long time ago but it is still the best option in its category. The 10 is not much cheaper at used prices ($350 cheaper new) and to me is a major downgrade. I wonder now if we will ever see a new model if nobody else produces competition for it. For self contained full featured percussion there is no equal. I bought used and have been very happy with it. I do wonder if I should buy a replacement pad surface for a backup.
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        It does not seem likely that Roland will come out with a new pad.
        I auditioned both extensively before buying the HPD-10.
        Both are excellent at what they do.
        The 15 is a very comprehensive unit with loads of high quality sounds, control surfaces/knobs, effects, onboard sequencer and much more.
        I think the 15 is great for a percussionist who wants maximum versatility and who is program savvy.
        The 10 is more of an entry level/beginners unit with an easier to use interface. For my needs the 10 was perfect, although I want a 15 in the future as well.

        If you use your Handsonic in a professional "can't perform without it" manner then I would buy an extra unit.

        If you could still limp through a performance without it, I would, (and will) get a replacement pad surface. Although the only people I've heard of who needed a replacement pad used sticks on their units.
        I would never use sticks on mine, besides, that's what the e-kits are for right?
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          True, I would not use sticks on mine but the surface is getting slick and worn in the middle of the most used pads. I may never care if the surface is replaced but, like the TD-10 expansion, they may just disappear when I decide I want one.
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