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td-20 vs dtxtreme III

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  • td-20 vs dtxtreme III

    i went down to a guitar center today but unfortunately they didnt have a dtextremeiii.
    so i compared the td-20 to a dtexpressiv

    the mesh heads are way too better than the rubber pads on the yammies but somehow the bass pad on the td-20 didnt feel too convincing to me. maybe the beater was too close so i didnt really get much feel on the bass.

    what do you guys think about the new bass drum on the dtxtremeiii?
    is it any better than the rolands?

    i am a lil concerned about the hi-hats too.
    could anybody comment on these two items on the roland and the yammies..


    sorry for reposting this thread. as i didnt get any reply i thought maybe changing the title would help.