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VH-11 hi-hat on TD-20 Brain

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  • VH-11 hi-hat on TD-20 Brain

    Hi all, made the switch from VH-12 and am very happy because the VH-11 is much quieter than the VH-12. Anyway, the only thing I can't figure out is how to get a foot splash. I get the chick chick chick no problem, but not the splash. I should be able to get it using the TD-20, but can't seem to set it up correctly. I followed the instruction manual, but thought maybe I was missing something. Does anybody else use a VH-11 with a TD-20 brain?


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    Have you adjusted Foot Splash Sensitivity on the TRIGGER HI-HAT screen? (You may need an update to version 1.07 for this if your TD-20 is more than three years old.)



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      Ah, I was wondering if I needed to do an update, since I've never done one. Now I have to figure out how!


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        Just download the 1.09 update from the Roland US site and put it on a Compact Flash card. The instructions that come with the update are very clear. Have fun!
        Don't worry if you don't know IF you need an upgrade. The upgrade process will make this very clear and it's safe.
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        Loving it every second..


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          no need to do an update.ake sure that the trigger is set for vh-11 as a start.


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            That's the thing...I dont have VH11 as an option. I believe the update will do me well. I have an original TD20, long before the VH11 was made.