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high-hat open/closed volume adjustment

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  • high-hat open/closed volume adjustment

    Hey guys, I got a td-3sw a few months ago and have been working to get a good stereo out sound for recording direct to my mixer/recorder. I've got it almost where I want it except for one thing. The volume of the open high hat seems to be much much louder than that of the closed high hat. Is there anyway to independently adjust the volume of the open/closed/semi-closed high-hat. I know I could probably do this using midi, but like I said, for ease of use I just want to record a straight stereo track from the module monitor outs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Matt

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    Bearer of bad news

    I don't think you can get the open HH at one volume and the closed at another. I think the one sounds louder than the other due to the fact that the open HH resonates. It is trying to be as close as it can to what you'd get in an acoustic HH. If you just want to play closed or half open, you could get an e-clutch for your HH. There are several DIY threads here about making them. If you're lazy like me, you can buy one here:

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      The edge volume can be different, which may be a far-from-ideal workaround. Or perhaps try the ambience with compression? But I fear there's no real answer except possibly painstaking external EQ to cut the open highs.



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        thanks guys

        Thanks for the responses guys, I'm a little disappointed their is no way to individually control the closed/open high hat volume. I had been using the rim sound like you said Bart as a workaround but it just wasn't reliable. However, I took your advice and used the v-drum compression instead of my mixers and after a while messing with the sensitivity by the grace of god all of a sudden I got a setting which worked. So anyways, problem solved for now. Thanks.