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Roland SPD Models

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  • Roland SPD Models

    I recently bought an Alesis ControlPad and the midi notes are not coming through in their entirety or in any kind of consistency that i'd dub as suitable. Have any of you used/owned the Roland SPD series?? I was'nt looking to spend that much $ at first, but after seeing how subpar the ControlPad has worked I may need something like the SPD. My biggest need is to get the sounds in their ENTIRETY and with good feedback from the softsynth. I'll play a key on the softsynth and it comes through great when played through the keyboard, but then i strike that same note on the ControlPad and I get the start of the note followed by a very abrupt cut-off.

    I know there are a few different models out there...I need a performer, and I need 'er to bang out quality sounds in their entirety. If there still isn't a drum controller out there for me that was the match made in heaven, then i guess i'll have to keep a-waiting it on out....

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    ...i find it very hard to believe that not a single person on these forums has info on the Roland SPDs....


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      I have one but don't use it for that purpose. Have you tried the search function?



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        Originally posted by JohnQArchibald View Post
        ...i find it very hard to believe that not a single person on these forums has info on the Roland SPDs....
        It's not very clear what information you want. If it's just whether Roland SPD pads send MIDI note signals correctly, then the answer is yes. The Alesis ControlPad apparently sends a Note On message immediately followed by a Note Off. Both the SPD-S and SPD-20 have a Gate Time setting for the length of notes (and the SPD-20 can alternate between note on and note off with successive hits).