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DTXIII module on a TD-20

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  • DTXIII module on a TD-20

    I am planning to buy a td-20 with a dtxtreme3 module.

    I wonder if the dtxtreme would still have anything more to offer ?

    Please suggest.


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    -Can you be more specific...?

    Buying a set full td20 kit, with mesh heads and td20 module...plus a DTX3...?

    The DTX3 is not out of box compatilbe with dual zone roalnd mesh pads...

    Please clarify.

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      If you have that kind of cash, why not buy a TD-20 kit and a DTXtreme kit. That way you could compare them side by side. You could then either keep both or sell the one you don't want. If you buy both at the same time maybe someone will give you a really great deal. Then if or when you sell, you won't be losing.


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        i am new to ekits and dont really know much about the compatibility.
        my main concern is that does the dtxtremeIII offer anything more than great sounds over the TD-20?

        do the new bass, hi-hat and cymbals beat the ones on the td-20.

        I am very much looking forward to buy the td-20 this week itself and prepare to be an integral part of this forum.



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          This is the first time I've heard anyone refer to the DTXIII as superior sound-wise to the TD20. Can't say I would agree. As far as I can see, the DTXIII has only two advantages over the TD20 - sampling and price. Other than that, it comes in under the 20, 12, 10 and 9 (and maybe even 6) IMO. Evilrox is right about the compatibility issue.


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            Yea... it all comes down to what you value. To some people there's tonnes of pros of III compared to the TD-20 for them but to others only a couple.. sampling being the majority reasons. From what I see there's a lot of features on III that is clearly better than TD-20 - sampling, usb, real stock samples(they really blow your mind compared to any tweaked TD-20 sounds can offer). There's also better MIDI functions and ofcourse 3-zones, but I couldn't care less about them.

            For me I'm still all for TD-20 - as it's sounds, be it artificial so to speak, still sounds good enough for live gigs. As for recordings people will use acoustic drum or a drum sampling library with pc, so that's out of the question.

            There's interval control and Positional sensing which makes TD-20 sound very acoutically nuanced(does this sound right? lol). DTXtreme III is more like a synthesizer... which really is as Yamaha reps said in their forums. All sampling gives you is the ability to sample.... Doesn't suddenly make your kit sound real. There's no interval controls whatsoever so obviously with machine gunning it won't sound so acoustic. Have a listen to some samples people recorded at dtxperience forums.

            However this lack of interval control can be adverted with the use of stacking and alternating function. With stack there can be multiple samples played at different velocities which gives you more precise control over nuance depending on the velocity of the hit. Alternating gives you more samples per velocity layer. For example you can sample 4 snare sounds into the III being left right left right hits. Each with a little difference in volume, pitch, filter etc. Still not interval control but you can avoid machine gunning.

            Yet there's also a con for that... which is setting it all up. You gotta sample, stack, alternate, try it out, set it again, try it again etc... Very time and mind consuming. TD-20 does all this for you and maybe not to the extent to which you'd prefer, it still is much better than doing it all by yourself.

            Hope this helps!

            edit: the verdict is.... III sounds as real as any drum samples can be. And it has functions to add more nuance into it but it's a maze before you can be amazed with it.
            TD-20's sounds are produced within the module itself which won't make it sound real. But it is real enough, and with Interval control and PS, also with COSM, it's much more stress-less and simplified.
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              Kevin, that is the most useful review I have read about the Yammie. I have been trying to find some comparisons of sounds on youtube but nothing so far it seems that most people who are playing the Yamaha kit are more impressed with the sequencer which looks fun, but is ultimately unfullfilling.


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                Kevin, I must agree with Spanner here. That is a great post.

                For me, the TD12 / 20 are my personal choice simply because of the expression capabilities. To me, it is more important to capture the nuances of the performance than to have mind blowing samples with less 'feel'.


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                  Thanks guys, I hope I wasn't giving off a vibe that indicates TD-20 is in the end the best. It's for each his/her own thoughts really.. If you have a look in dtxperience forums they're all very happy with their IIs/III Yammie kits. And many happy v-drummers here with a sense of pride and joy with theirs. The ultimate comparison you can find is to buy or compare them both at once. All we can give is our own opinions with a scent of our bias towards one product. You'll just have to buy one and hopefully have made the right choice with it.


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                    Well, I'm not gonna beat this topic up... the truth of the matter is... It is all Dependant on YOUR ear. I don't know anything about the sequencer on either module.. Nor do I care too... I have two TD-20 modules now... Can you tell I like them? - lol

                    I fully intend on buying the TDW-2 for both.

                    However, I must say I felt the need to try the DTXtremeIII hands on without the limitation of some kid hanging over my shoulder trying to make a commission. So I ordered it. We will see. From what I have seen they both have strengths and weakness. That however is only if you pin them against each other. Taking them both one to one... from what I have seen and can only theorize at this point, the DTXtremeIII appears to be a major competitor. As far as cost goes they are about the same price.

                    Read the fine print. - lol

                    In order to implement sampling you must buy the memory. That tacts on some serious cha-ching in my book... especially, when you look at what's being charged for these old sticks of RAM. It's a killer!!

                    As far as mesh pads on the DTXtremeIII... There is no reason it can't be done. Just a slightly more involve DIY. However, you will not be plugging in a set of Roland pads, and being on your way. The head will work, the rim will not. Personally, I like my rims - heh - As far as cymbals go... if you go the route of doing mesh... Just buy the Yammi cymbals if you go with the DTXtremeIII. As much as I like the Roland cymbals... The Yamaha cymbals, just seem better to me. No more bell issues, the hats work flawlessly... although I have to say I am equally impressed with the VH-11 and 12 as well.

                    I really wish that Yamaha would implement some form of P/P compatibility in their next firmware release... But, in truth... I don't know if it is quite that simple. However, until that point it's not that hard to make a piezo to switch adapter (circuit).

                    Well, I guess I'll see what I think. Personally I'm not biased to Roland or Yamaha... So I should be able to do a fair writeup.

                    Personally, I only use the modules to jam... When it's time to record, it's Toontrack Superior all the way baby.

                    Sorry I couldn't be more help. But, I intend to be later next week - lol

                    @ Kevin - you save me any pizza!!??



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                      No... I'm resting my gut now for taking in 2 large pans The rest are saved for the day and some to the dogs... Suffice to say I think I have eaten your share And you're welcome. Now it's 2am and I'm still bloated.


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                        Ordered my td-20

                        Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

                        Finally ordered my td-20 :-)

                        Cant wait for it to arrive.

                        I am completely new to electronic kits and would appreciate to get some good advice on the td-20.

                        I somehow feel that the rebound on the bass is too much. Any advise on that?
                        Is it necessary to have to plastic side of the beater on the bass?

                        Roland TD-20 owner :-)