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Will it be a good purchase?

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  • Will it be a good purchase?

    Just wondering if spending $2000 for the Hart Pro 6.4 set is a decent price range for a slightly used set? It is still in very good condition, but that's still a lot of money for me. So tempting though... Thoughts?

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    What module is coming with the kit?
    >>>See my E-kit here<<<

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      Well I just spent about $3300 for a new 6.4 set just 6 months ago so that sounds like a good price to me man if it is in good shape etc.... The module was not included of course ii

      I will say again, I frekin LOVE my Harts!!!! ii


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        Originally posted by V(ader)DRUMMER View Post
        What module is coming with the kit?
        no module