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GC match BPM?

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  • GC match BPM?

    Whats up Vdrums posse.

    I have a question that I have been killing to ask.

    Do you think Guitar Center will match the glorious prices of BPMMusic, on a TD-9S(x).

    IF you guys could leave some responses that would be great, and if you have tried doing this, it would be so awesome if you could reply here thanks

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    It has to be an advertised add. And you have to print it out and bring it with you

    Meaning the online dealer has to be advertising it on the website and then Guitar Center will match it.

    BPM does not advertise the prices for the TD-9 Kits on the website to the public

    They email you a quote and as far as I know GC will not honor it
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      have you tried
      do they have any reason or are they just jerks like that


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        No I didn't try because BPM is a private quote not an advertised add

        This is from the Guitar Center Website:

        30 Day Lowest Price Guarantee

        You're guaranteed the lowest price from GuitarCenter.com. Period. If at any time within 30 days of your purchase from us, you find the identical item in stock and advertised by an authorized dealer at a price lower than what you paid, GuitarCenter.com will fully protect you. Simply call 1-866-498-7882 and after verification1, we'll gladly refund the difference


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          o ic, this stinks
          but thanks for the help Mr.holnon72


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            Why not just order from BPM? It'll be cheaper anyway because the tax is included.


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              I agree. Just order from BPM. Not only do they have the best prices anywhere, but free shipping, no tax, and personal responses from the owner. What else could you want?


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                Occassionally they will honor it anyway.

                -I used to have that flexibility when I managed my drum department... it's worth a shot.

                I'm guess you just want it right now instead of waiting for shipping? BPM is a great retailer...have no fear of that.

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                  Hi. I'm new here, but just last week bought a TD-20 kit from BPM -- excellent experience! Staff was knowledgeable, best price I found, fast free shipping, good communication (returned emails in minutes), no sales tax due to interstate shipping.

                  Because I'm friends with the manager of the Drum Dept. at my local GC, I gave them a chance to match BPM. He got approval from his manager to do it with a print-out of the BPM quote, but they could not compete on the difference in taxes.

                  All in all, I'm glad I chose BPM, as I like to support the little guys and who are helping keep prices realisitic.

                  I hope this helps.