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CY-5 versus PD-8 for hi hat

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  • CY-5 versus PD-8 for hi hat

    I just received a CY-5 to replace a PD-8 I was using for a hi hat and there seems to be a huge different in this role. CY-5 with the CY1 selection in my TD-8 really seems to bring new life and a more realistic touch + utility with the FD-8 + overall experience. Thought I would pass along my experience for those considering this.
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    Agree that the CY-5 is a good hihat.
    Slightly off-topic, but does your CY12 have two output jacks and how do you connect them to the module? Are you getting three zones?
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      I have a CY-15R that is en route and should be here by Thursday/Friday. I don't have a CY-12 and did the long hard debate over the 12 versus the 15. When it arrives, I'll let ya know what it has.

      If I understand how it works, there are 2 inputs: One for bow/bell and one for bow/edge. I am only planning on doing the first one. When I was playing Zild K's I never used the ride as a crash so it isn't a natural use for me today. If I can ever move my TD-8 to move to a -12/20, I might start to learn how to use it...a challenge of sorts.
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        I've been using a cy-8 for hihats on my td-8 and its certainly much nicer than the pd-8, more sensitive and better feel. I got a cy-12 r/c the other day and I have it set up for 3 way triggering I put the bell/bow in the ride input and the edge in aux 11 and it works really well I set aux 11 to cy-1 setting and put the threshold at 15, you have to hit the edge fairly hard to make it trigger.
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          Thanks, Tripp. I was hoping someone would mention the CY-5. I am thinking opf getting one myself for my TD-6.

          I already added another cymbal pad and now my TD-6 is maxed out as far as the inputs go. I was going to use the CY-5 for my hi-hat and move my current hi-hat (PD8) over and use as another tom. I understand that I can get a splitter? Whereas 2 pads can merge into one input jack. When this happens I would lose the second triggering, correct? If so, how does THAT work when I change my kit selection? What sound gets applied to which input / pad? Do I need to 'split' my new tom with a cymbal?
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