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td-10 expanded and looking for newer sounds

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  • td-10 expanded and looking for newer sounds

    I'm new here, but have had my td10 since it wast top'o'da line without any problems and still with stock backup battery

    I play on a td10(xpanded) v session kit(10" & 12" pads & kick) with Sabian cymbals. I program my synths(Fantom X6, Microkorg, EMU XL7) to play bass lines and such and I play along to a click.

    I'm about ready to start playing shows in my 2 man band, and while I'm fine with the sounds of the drums in my ONE and ONLY custom kit I play, I am wondering how to get better, more up-to-date drum sounds. At first I thought I would get a decent sampler and trigger the sounds with my pads/td10. But then after lurking around here I see folks talking about vexpressions and some kind of librarian.

    While I'm fairly skilled with HARDWARE, I SUCK with PC's If somebody could enlighten me to the ways of improving my sound I would greatly appreciate it. Please dumb it down so I can understand. TIA

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    Your just looking for better sounding kits? I don't think you can beat the V-Expression sounds. I have not purchased yet, but have been researching for a long time and this is the way to go. People say it is like upgrading your module. In terms of complexity it seems really easy. You do need Vdrumlib and the MIDI cables. The VEX guys will also help you with the procedure to download the files to your module. I have not done this yet due to lack of time ...


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      OK, I had a listen to some of the samples at vexpressions for the td10 exp, and was a little disappointed. None of the toms sounded right to me. Are these expansion kits just tweeked COSM or are they new waveforms?....or a little of both?

      Just my opinion, but the ONE kit I tweeked and play on my td10 exp is based on the "Real Deal" kit #21, and it sounds better than any of the samples I heard. I'm not sure it's worth the $50 for a usb/midi(I don't have one) and $50 for the expansion, if those ARE in fact just COSM tweeked stock TD10 waves.

      Not trying to flame, I guess I just expected the kits would sound better than that. Or maybe I'm expecting too much from an outdated module, which makes me think triggering a sampler loaded with fresh sounds is the way for me to go. Any recommendations as to what gear and sample pack? TIA


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        Yes, the sounds are just tweaked as it is not possible to add new sounds to any current TD module, just modify those already there.

        Remember that the VEX stuff will sound better in real life than on your pc, but if you weren't impressed, maybe they are not for you. Have you looked into PC-based sampling, or is that not really an option?


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          I have no laptop, and will not drag a tower to a gig.


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            I've got VEX kits on my TD-10Exp, and they sound marvelous. The samples on the site do no justice at all to them. It really was like a new module.


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              Have to agree with ettsn. I'm using a TD-8 and I have been flipping back and forth on whether to move to a -12 or -20 or just keep my -8. They are that good. I'm also playing them through the amp system I have in my signature versus headphones...to heck with the neighbors.
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                I have loads of vexpression packs.

                I was very impressed with the packs for the td20 and td12 but...

                I have 2 packs for the td10 expanded and have not really been wowed with them TBH. Maybe I need to spend more time with them.


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                  I've only had my TD-10exp for a few months, and in the last week, I did much like you are considering, and bought a MIDI cable and jumped into the VEX packs. I bought the E-Mu MIDI cable for $29 from MF. It took me awhile to figure out that the CD that comes with the cable is just the driver - you will still need some kind of software to receive, manage, and send the data between your module and computer. I went with the VDrumLib software (recommended by VEXpressions. It has a free 10-day trial period and costs about $20 to buy). The VDrumLib help section walks you through the process nicely, and I found it RIDICULOUSLY easy to use - I am really impressed. The only problem I experienced at first was no data transfer was taking place. Following the Help instruction, I swapped the IN and OUT cable and I was in business.

                  As for the sounds: I bought the Master 50. Overall, I like it and I'm glad I did it. Like many others, I was not that pleased with the "stock" Roland kits. They're trying to give a little bit to everybody, but I'm only interested in GOOD straightforward drum sounds. I don't need a bunch of spacey sounds. Like you, I programmed about 8 "custom" kits for myself. Personally, I like my "custom" kits as much as the VEX kits. But, man, did I spend a long time tweaking them! One thing I noticed that may vary people's opinions: I tweaked my sounds to sound great through headphones. But that does not always translate to a great sound amplified through a PA. I think the VEX packs are designed to be amplified (the System 1 pack has 7 kits specifically designed for live gigging).

                  Now, the real beauty of the setup... the first thing you do when you get VDrumLib is bulk dump your TD-10 into your computer to save/use as backup (took about 2 minutes). Then I purchased/downloaded the VEX pack and saved it (about 3 minutes if you use PayPal). Now, in VDrumLib, I opened my original TD-10 file, moved my 8 custom kits into my "new" file, then opened the Master 50 VEX and moved 42 of the 50 kits to the remaining slots in my "new" file, save it, and upload it to the TD-10. Voila!! Even as a first-time user, I was done in about 10 minutes and now had 50 great sounding DRUM kits on my TD-10.

                  Sorry this got kinda long, but it sounds like you are going through the same thing I did the past few weeks. Another thing you can do with just the MIDI cable and VDrumLib (or other) software is swap kits here on the forums (I haven't tried this yet. You cannot share the VEX kits, as they spent a LONG time making them, and they're proprietary). Hope this helps!

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                    freddarl82, nice post. I will add my $0.02 (in Euros given the current times). I have a TD12 and was all set to get my first VEX pack (still undecided on which one). But after getting the cables and VDRUMLIB I have been having a lot of fun tweaking my own kits. It is a lot of fun, and learning how to tweak your module for what suits your individual needs is .... Priceless. Speaking to Ken at VdrumLib, I think the next version will be that much more powerful, allowing you to assign instruments to pads via a drop down menu, as well as tweak all of the COSM parameters and ambiance/effects (right now, some of them are set based on the file you copied them from). Hey Ken, when is 2.0 to be released for Beta testing? Anyway I would encourage all to go through this process, and then pick up some Vex packs! So bottom line, another vote for VEX and VDRUMLIB, great products and great people supporting them.