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Roland mesh heads on Hart Dynamics drums?

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  • Roland mesh heads on Hart Dynamics drums?

    I hope that this subject hasn't been discussed already, but I searched and couldn't find any specific answers to this question.

    As I posted in another thread, I have a Roland TD20s kit with a Hart Pro snare. The Hart Magnum head on the snare keeps losing it's tension to the point where after a couple of months, I've cranked it down to the point where I either run out of thread on the lugs and/ or the rubber rings on the rim prevent me from cranking it any tighter. I don't want a marching snare feel, but it gets so loose so fast that if feels like a floor tom! I called Hart technical support and the guy said "If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that...". Great.

    I want to change all of my drums over to the Harts but am wondering if I can use the Roland heads on them so I won't have the stretching problem (I could use a 12" Hart tom as my snare instead of the 13"). So the question to you all is has anyone tried this? It seems like it would solve my issue if the two are compatible.

    On a different note, does anyone else despise the L-rod style mounting system that Roland uses? I can't believe they (Roland) would use a bracket that covers half of the shell and leaves so much bare metal exposed. Couldn't the Roland guys take a look at some of the other manufacturer's mounting systems and come up with something more elegant? Sheesh! This is part if the reason why I like the Hart stuff. You can actually see the shells because they're not obscured by ugly hardware. And the Pearl style mounts are much more adjustable. Just my .02.

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    Is this a problem other HD users have found?
    I have just decided to but a Hart Kit and if this really is a problem it bothers me to say the least!
    It's my understanding that the Harts can be tightened more than Roland and that this is one of their advantages over Roland.
    I had the chance of a great value TD12kit but even at the price the kit looks to much like a toy, and the TD20 Kit is out of my price bracket.
    Was that really all Hart customer services had to offer? I'm lead to believe that they have a good reputation.
    How many HD users here agree with the OP comments.



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      I haven't had any of these problems with my Gigapro. My kit is 15 months old.



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          Hi, Eddy

          I play a Hart kit I purchased used and it still has the original, older KS heads. I've not yet played on a Hart Magnum, though I will give it a try soon as I just noticed tonight that my snare's mesh head is finally beginning to wear. So, unfortunately, I can't offer any advice there yet.

          However, to clear up a few points you've raised. Yes, while this Web site definitely tends to be heavy with Roland users (Roland is the biggest game in electronic percussion, after all), there are actually several of us Hart players here, too. This site is not operated by Roland, so your question about why Hart doesn't operate a similar site isn't really valid. Both companies produce quality gear, but there are definite differences between the two that will make them appeal more to some drummers than others. Everyone will have their personal preferences. I think Roland makes awesome gear, but at the same time, I'm happy to have other options to consider as well.

          As for the tower problem you mentioned, I'm guessing you are referring to the "leaning tower" issue. That was with older model Hart snares, not the newer ones. My snare is one of those older models, but I've had no issues with it and it is now four or five years old and is now with its second owner. I wouldn't say that would be indicative of a troubled maintenance history.

          You seem to be making a judgment about the quality of all Hart equipment based on a single experience with a single drum head. I would at least recommend buying another snare head and seeing if you have the same issue again before tossing the whole company out the window.
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            There are many mentions in the forums of Magnum head durability issues (mostly excessive wear). I can only speak for the 13" snare head, but after about 4 months and two heads, I'm not feeling very confident in them.

            I am going to buy a 12" Hart pro tom and see how that does. At least if the head craps out, I can replace it with a Roland one.


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              Thanks for the replies and for putting me straight about the forum.

              I suppose Roland is the easy option and I've decided not to take it; going a more expensive ( ignoring th TD20 Kit option) and essentially higher risk route.

              I bet they'll look nice though!! But my other halfs gonna have a shock at the rack and drum sizes, being used to a DTExpress in the room for so long.

              To those whose use Hart cymbals are you pleased ?or do you hanker after the Roland C/R as I belive its tri triggered v Harts dual?
              Is the Hart Hi Hat as good in use as it looks?

              Best wishes


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                Back to original question regarding the hart heads.

                Are they durable?
                Has any other Hart users had any problems with them?

                Asking as I am considering the 13" snare, They look great and I've read they perform very well, even better than the Roland, is this true?

                Question to flamadiddle, How hard are you hitting the thing and whats your playing technique like?
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                  Morning - Afternoon - Evening

                  Would it make any difference if u put some thin strips of foam around the drum edge hence giving the mesh head a softer contact to drum and the extra height = more thread to use on the lug pins ? or even shorten the lugs pins a little if ya can do that without messing up the thread ... other than that it's a bad meshhead and maybe try a different one like the Drumtec own brand double ply, they are in Germany and tell me these are only 8 Euros or so and comparible to Roland.

                  Email from Drum-tec

                  Hello Dave,

                  first of all, thanks a lot for your interest and your inquiry.
                  Regarding the item description, I am not sure which item yu mean. However, I assume, that you mean a drum-tec 12" design mesh head.
                  The mesh heads from our design series are very "similar" to the Roland heads. Due to that, you can also not see through them and they are double-play. Further, they provide very authntic feel, response and rebound and if you are looking for mesh heads, that provide these things and are also a silent as possible, in our opinion these heads are the best choice.

                  If you have any further questions, please let me know.
                  Have a nice day and

                  best regards,
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                    Originally posted by M_C_M View Post
                    Back to original question regarding the hart heads.

                    Are they durable?
                    Has any other Hart users had any problems with them?

                    Asking as I am considering the 13" snare, They look great and I've read they perform very well, even better than the Roland, is this true?

                    Question to flamadiddle, How hard are you hitting the thing and whats your playing technique like?
                    I don't think I play very hard as I play traditional grip half the time and just don't have a super hard down stroke. I've actually learned to play softer since switching to ekits, so I don't think it's possible that my playing has anything to do with the head stretching, especially when the rest of my heads are Roland and I've had absolutely no problem with them.

                    As for other's experiences, search here for "magnum stretch" and you'll find a few similar issues but no real solutions, at least none that I found. My solution will probably end up being replacing the 13" snare with a 12" tom as the triggers are exactly the same (according to HD tech support) and I can use the Roland heads.

                    Good luck with whatever you choose!


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                      PS: I think HD's triggering is slightly better than the Roland (virtually no hot spots) and the hardware is vastly superior (tom mounts, etc).


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                        Originally posted by flamadiddle View Post
                        PS: I think HD's triggering is slightly better than the Roland (virtually no hot spots) and the hardware is vastly superior (tom mounts, etc).
                        Thanks for that, I think I'll stick to the pd-120. It's a real shame they have that stretching problem they are indeed great looking drums...
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                          Plenty of people here and at edrums have commented on the durability of the Hart Magnum heads. The previous generation of Hart heads did seem to wear out (as do the Pintech heads) from time to time.

                          I'm trying to remember, there was one type of Hart head (single or double ply, I don't remember and am too lazy to search) that everybody much preferred both for feel and durability. For whatever reason, Hart stopped making those and eventually went with the Magnum series.

                          I have observed that while the vast majority of folks don't have problems with the Magnum heads, a few do. And you never hear anybody talk about the durability of the Roland heads, they're seemingly bullet-proof.

                          If you want a forum that's got a lot of Hart users check out edrumming.com. Vdrums here *has* gotten more "non-Roland friendly" in the last 18 months. You'll find that many of the regular posters are Hart users.

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                            I have a Hart 13" snare and I am experiencing the head stretching beyond the limits of the tension rods. One of the forum members suggested using washers to add more room. I did this and it works for a while, but the head keeps stretching. I wish Roland (REMO?) made a 13" head. I think the Roland heads tend to have more bounce and are not prone to stretching.

                            I also have the Hart E-Cymbals and like them very much. I have the bronze models and prefer the Hart Hi-Hat over the Roland VH-11 (which I also have) . The bronze E-Cymbal feels... well, like a real cymbal. They have a little more ambient noise than the Rolands, but they also look nicer. If you have the chance, you should try before you buy.
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                              Hart Heads / Roland Pads

                              I have 4 x 10" Hart Pads and the 13" Hart Snare. They all have outstanding triggering - much better than Roland. The Pearl arms are stronger and they also look much better. I also have some extra Roland 8" & 10" mesh pads. I agree that the Magnum heads do not retain tension and one 10" head split after just a few weeks! The Magnum snare is now far too soft. I much prefer the Roland heads. I am replacing all the Magnum Heads with Roland. The 13" is a problem but I just found this: http://www.thomann.de/gb/tdrum_th13.htm (I'm in Spain but they may be available USA?). I have ordered one 13" to try. I'm told that it's not as good as Roland - but it may be better than the Magnum. I will post again when I've tried it out but I think the perfect combination is Hart pads (for looks, construction and trigger quality) with Roland heads. I've also had two Roland brackets split without playing very hard so the Roland hardware is not up to standard.