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Recording on the TD10

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  • Recording on the TD10

    I picked up a Play~along CD. It is a series of 5/6 tracks without drums and it only plays in the RIGHTchanel(a bit anoying) Can I record the each track into the TD 10 and use it like a regular preset song? and then recoud me playing along with it ? Is there that much room in the TD 10 for recording?

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    The TD-10 has no ability to input recorded songs. If you had them as Midi files, you could write them to the sequencer and assign sounds to them, but off a CD isn't possible. As far as recording you playing along, your best bet would be to play the CD on a CD player, fed into the mix in on the TD-10, and slpit your headphone out to both headphones and something to record the session (tape deck, mp3 recorder, pc, etc). Secondly, you could also record off the master outs, but you would need to make sure the mix in is set to pass through to the masters.


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      The Right channel only may be caused by an incorrect or defective 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.



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        Bruce, I think it may be that the drums are panned left so you listen to the right so as not to hear them.....