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td-12 or td-9

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  • td-12 or td-9

    If money isn't an issue is it a no brainer to get the td12 instead of the td9. I know the 9 has some newer sounds but seems to be limited on editing features . Whatever I get I plan to keep for awile so I'd hate to get a 9 and then in a couple of months wanting to upgrade.

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    General opinion is buy the best module you can afford.

    Until the TD-9 has been used by a wider range of people it's difficult to get a feel of a direct comparison between the modules, but it can probably be safely assumed that the TD-12 will still generally outgun the TD-9.

    If money is no object, then a TD-20 is a real contender - especially with the expansion card on the near horizon.


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      I shouldn't say that money is no option but I'm drawing the line at the td12.And I'm sure once everyone buys the td9 they'll probably release the td20 expansion and follow that with the td12 expansion and so on.


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        The TD-12 is not expandable - only the TD-20 and the TD-10 have expansion ports (TD-10 now no longer in production)


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          I had posted once before asking what would be a better deal a td10 v tour kit w/ expansion for 2500.00 or a new td9 sx. What do you think? (post#427 in td9 discussion thread)


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            Way To Go Roland!

            I would just like to chime in and say that the TD-9 module is a very well thought out design.

            For the price of the TD-9 kits it is the best bang for the buck

            The greatest thing about this module is how user friendly it is to use but also full of features...

            The quick record is such a great feature

            The TD-12 is a great module but if your looking for a user friendly module packed with tons of features for an affordable price, the TD-9 is the way to go....

            The price just can't be beat!


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              I saw videos on the TD-9 and it really looks like an awesome module. The picture presentation on screen to adjust how you want your set tuned is awesome. I just order a Td-3 and am jealous of the Td-9, but it is out of my range in money at the moment. Also the new all in one wire is very appealing.