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TD-9 Module with TD-3 Kit?

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  • TD-9 Module with TD-3 Kit?

    Hello guys,
    I've recently purchased a Roland TD-3 kit and I'm thrilled with my e-drum experience! After 20 years playing drums it's great to finally have the ability to trigger my software samplers on my PC.

    I've a question: I'm considering getting a new Roland TD-9 module to replace the brain on the TD-3 kit. I'd like to have compatibility with the Roland VH-11 hats and 3 way ride triggering for future upgrades.

    Will the TD-9 module work properly with my current TD-3 hardware? Does the TD-9 module come with the new all-in-one cable, or is it something that would have to be purchased separately?

    Anyone have any experience of this combination? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.......

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    The TD-9 does come with the all-in-one cable. The rest, I'm sure someone else can tell you.



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      Are any of your pads or hi-hat pedal different from the TD-9S kit?

      As far as I can see, the current TD-3S and TD-9S components are identical (apart from the rack and module).

      So upgrading a TD-3S kit with a TD-9 module should be no problem at all.



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        Essentially, the TD-3 set is the same as the TD-9S(K) set, so you should be fine. All Roland modules support legacy pads, and new pads generally work perfectly with old hardware as long as they do not have feaures which the mosule is unable to 'understand' like the VH-12.

        Edit: Darn it Bruce, not again!


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          Originally posted by BarT
          Are any of your pads or hi-hat pedal different from the TD-9S kit?
          All my hardware is factory standard.

          After reading the TD-9 manual, I can see that the TD-9 is compatible with legacy hardware, so I guess I should be OK!
          In fact, now looking at the TD-9S kit, it seems to be virtually the same with regards to hardware......

          Thanks for your input!