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Need help recording TD-6 MIDI!

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  • Need help recording TD-6 MIDI!

    I've tried just about every combination of settings in MIDI Common, but I am still unable to record onto my computer. I am on a Mac Powerbook 10.4, using a M-Audio Uno USB-MIDI connected to the TD-6. I've tried to record in various programs, including: Pro Tools, Logic, Garageband. I've had some luck in Reason, but every trigger would hit the same note (If I could change the trigger notes...?). I only need to record the notes OUT from the TD-6, so maybe it would help to unplug the MIDI-IN from it. I know it is connected and should work because I can test the connection in Audio MIDI. Once I hit the "Test" button it triggers the TD-6 to make an awlful noise and the TD-6 says "MIDI Buffer full." Likewise, in all the programs I've mentioned, I can trigger a note in the piano roll to sound the TD-6. I wouldn't be surprised if the problem was in the Audio MIDI Setup configuration somehow (different channels, etc.). I would prefer to record in Pro Tools, having the Audio and MIDI tracks simultaneous, so I can possibly open the MIDI track in Reason later.

    If somebody out there has the same setup as me, could you let me know what settings you're using that work? I couldn't find this specific problem in the search, but if you could at least link me to one dealing with this, that would help a lot. I try this at just about every band practice to no avail and I'm really tired of my bandmates picking on me about it. Please help me show these bastards that this is possible!