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TD12 Midi In issues

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  • TD12 Midi In issues

    Hey guys,

    Just been setting up my TD 12 for midi with Protools 7.4.

    It seems right now that I can record the midi data out to PTLS, but the TD12 refuses to take an incoming signal from any device....

    I know that Protools is feeding the signal back through my MIDI Interface OK cause its a TAPCO 4x4 and illustrates the signal again on its signal LED's.
    Also I have rerouted the signal from out 2 / channel 10 (which my TD12 was set up on) and sent it through to out 1 / channel 10 to see if my Synth would play the recorded notes. It did this for sure.

    I have tried setting up the Midi on the TD12, disabling soft thru and leaving local control on, (For monitoring whilst I am playing)

    I have tried testing the input on the TD12 by playing the synth out on channel 10 to the TD12's input, to see if the TD would play the equivalent notes. It did not. I even did a factory rest on the unit.

    Is there something super simple that I have missed. My td-8 did not have this problem with pro tools.

    Help me out here guys if you can thanks. I am putting down a track for collage this week.


    Jonny Weston

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    I really don't think your problem is Protools considering your midi interface is showing the midi signal as being sent and you have the Protools midi fader output to the right channel and output.
    Also, your module is not responding to notes sent from your keyboard. That is not normal. I have tried that and my TD12 works perfectly doing that.
    I assume you have the midi Tx/Rx all set to 'on' on your module (setup, F1, F1)?

    If that is all set, have you tried a different midi cable?


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      Hey superpuss

      Hi there,

      Yep you are spot on so far. I have checked the settings for RX/TX, and they are all on for sure.

      I also tried another cable that was slightly shorter, and it stil does not work.

      Hey I just noticed that you too are in australia. I am in Oz studying for 2 years, but am from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

      Do you know much about the Aussie Roland importers by any chance?? It looks like I might have to send the brain back to them for a warranty examination. I bought it ex-demo from a store back in Belfast. I am sure they would honour a worldwide warranty surely????

      If you hear of anyone else that has had these issues let me know, OK, or if you have any other ideas.

      I also tried updating the module from version 1.00 to 1.02, and nothing was happening at the midi in side, so I was doomed from the start.

      Thanks for your input superpuss,

      Jonny Weston


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        You're welcome Jonny and yeah, I'd be contacting Roland Australia and seeing what they can do for you. We have a really good rep right here on this forum (Drew Armentrout) who may have some more up to date answers for you. I used to work doing Roland warranty repairs and we had a number of O/S items we fixed but that was about 15 years ago now.
        Where in Aus are you staying? If you're in Victoria, I can help you out with Roland dealers.

        I have a really close friend from Belfast. She came and stayed with me for a while last year and we had a ball.


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          Wow cool..


          Thats pretty cool that you have a friend from Belfast also.

          I am living in Castle Hill NSW for the time being, so I reckon the City would be my best bet.

          First of all I will contact our friend Drew Armentrout though to see what he reckons he might be best. I am really quite miffed that this has happened so soon into the life of my V-Drums.... I REALLY NEED MY MIDI IN RIGHT NOW !!

          Really liking Australia at the minute, Its a cool place to be right now.

          I'll let you know how I get on.


          Jonny Weston


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            Yeah, bummer about the midi
            Glad you're enjoying Aus though

            I just realised Drew has his private messages turned off.. Doh!! Perhaps he'll see this thread and reply anyway.