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TAMA Iron Cobra pedal slop. anyone have these pedals

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  • TAMA Iron Cobra pedal slop. anyone have these pedals

    I have just purchased some nice new Iron Cobra pedals that I am very happy with. However I have a small amount of side to side slop in the bearing on the left side hammer. This may be normal, it does not seem to effect the playing at all but these are new and before I go back to the shop I though I would ask others that own them.

    Just a note my left side hammer is the one on the extension bar side. Just wanted to clarify that just in case you are from the USA. You buggers drive cars on the wrong side and even my Harley had it's brake and gear change on the wrong side...Hmmmm or is it co's I'm in the Land Down Under I'm using everthing upsidedown


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    There's no slop on mine at all, but I would make sure everything is tightened up nicely before returning them.


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      This dont sound right mate. There shoud'nt be any sideways movement anywhere. Yea make sure everythings tight but for the price of these, they shoud be perfection personified.


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        Thanks guys.... I'm going back to the shop to fix the slop... Hmmmm good line for some Hip Hop