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Kit Toys 12"/14" vs. Roland CY12/14

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  • Kit Toys 12"/14" vs. Roland CY12/14

    Hey guys,

    I'm on the starting point of a DIY project and its time to purchase some cymbals.
    I know that Kit Toys splashes and chinas are great for extra addition. But how about their bigger sized cymbals ? Is the only difference between Kit Toys and Rolands is the chokeability ?

    If it's so, there is a huge difference in pricing.

    Thank you guys...

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    There's also a difference in the number of zones. At this stage, Kit Toys are only single zone...
    This may not matter too much for crashes, but it does for rides.
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      Originally posted by allanjohn View Post
      There's also a difference in the number of zones. At this stage, Kit Toys are only single zone...
      This may not matter too much for crashes, but it does for rides.
      I'm glad you mentioned that. I still matters for crashes. I'm a big fan of the fact that I get a bell sound AND a crash sound out of my Roland cymbals. They are quite realistic in their feel and sound.
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        Yammy Cy130 s


        Yamaha are just as good as Roland I have the CY 150 s Ride and it's half the price of a Roland CY15 (needs modification for Roland)

        The Yamaha CY-130 s is chokeable 2 zone and works ok with a Roland module out of the box, but here in the Uk is about £30 - 50 cheaper than Roland's equivalent.

        Just a thought ...


        Mike at Kit toys is bringing some chokeables out soon (maybe dual zones too? email him)


        My friend who builds e kits uses Mikes cymbals, i saw one at his store and they are good, very responsive and about the same mechanical noise as a Roland CY 8. Quite a good looking cymbal. I think he is waiting for the patent on the chokes and u can always add your own dual zone?
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          I'll echo the recommendation for the Yamaha PCY-130S. Significantly cheaper than the Roland 12/14 and works like a champ with my module.

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            In Turkey PCY-130S and CY-12 are nearly the same price.
            So, i came up with this idea. I' m trying to form a dream team of cymbals.

            Hi-hat: VH-12
            Ride: CY-15
            Crashes: CY-12 (for choking capabilities, incase needed)
            Kits Toys 12" and 14" (This is the only department i'm worried)
            and various splashes and a china from Kits Toys.


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              News Flash about Kit Toys!!!

              On it's way to my studio right now is Mike's first ever released from captivity 13 inch crash with choke. From what Mike tells me, the choke on this design is pretty special having no moving parts
              I was actually toying with the idea of building my own choke circuit based on a similar principle (see my post HERE) but it looks like Mike has already done that with this design. I might still look into building something like that for my other cymbals though.
              Anyway, my new crash should arrive any day and as soon as it does, I'll do a write up on how it performs and will shoot some video of it. These cymbals are still in beta testing stages and not yet for sale so I'm pretty excited about receiving the first one of it's kind


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                Does anybody know if the New Yamaha PCY-135 13" cymbal will work with the Roland modules?

                It's the new line of Yamaha Cymbals from the DTXtreme III kits

                The description says it's a 3 Zone cymbal

                But even if just Bow and edge worked I would be happy

                Only $109.00 so thanks for any info on this...
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                  I have two 12" Kit Toy crashes and they work great. Glad I bought them and will do it again when I need more.
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