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Can't get a CY-12R/C in Orlando

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  • Can't get a CY-12R/C in Orlando

    I am going to get myself a CY-12R/C for my TD-6KW. Here in Hong Kong NO single Roland pads and cymbals are in stock and you have to order it and you will get one after 4-5 months.

    So, I asked my brother to get one for me, as he's working in Orlando, US. The thing is, CY-12R/C is out of stock in many stores that my brother has visited. Is it just a logistic problem or maybe there's a new model coming out? Of course I have never heard about it.

    (And maybe in the wrong section), are there other better options for a 3-way triggering ride which cost roughly the same as a Cy-12R/C?

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    Several US online stores apparently have them in stock:



    I think the CY-12R/C is the least expensive three zone ride which will work with a Roland module without modification.



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      Just to add one more store that has quick service. I get Roland stuff in 2 or 3 days from www.americanmusicalsupply.com


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        I have seen that it is tough to just walk into a music store and get V-drum accessories or add-on gear. Getting the stuff online and quick-shipping it to Florida looks like your best bet.


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          Thanks for your replies. I guess getting it online is the best option then.