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Loose tuning lugs

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  • Loose tuning lugs

    Anybody else have this problem?

    I have a TD20 kit with a Hart 13" E-snare. I play with a classic rock outfit and I'm not really a hard hitter but I do tend to play the rim/pad quite a bit on the snare. My problem is that my snare tunning lug come loose and even pop out while I'm playing! Now, I know its not the Hart Snare because I have replaced it with the Roland pad and the same thing happens.

    Is there anything you can recommend? Anyway to lock the lugs in place?
    They're tightend before I start playing but I don't like to tighten them too tight because I lose the response from the pad head, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks in advance

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    Mine got loose too, but not to the point of coming out--just didn't want to damage any cones or whatever Hart uses inside.
    I got a couple of nuts that fit the tension rods and put them on where I rim shot and haven't had them loosen up since.

    like these: http://www.fotosearch.com/PHC008/73345578/



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      Maybe Loctite thread bond? It comes in a variety of strengths, and this would qualify as a "low" strength application.
      A quick Google gave me this:
      I would think any good hardware store or auto supply would have it or an equivalent. Just beware not to buy the higher strength stuff.


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        No, no. Don't use Loctite. You need them to have the same tension all around, and that would just be a mess. Easiest option is to find some of those soft plastic 'ears' that push over the tension rod head. i'll see if I can't find a link somewhere...


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