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homemade drum cases?

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  • homemade drum cases?

    Greetings V-drummers,

    I posted a few weeks ago about trigger problems on my Yamaha DTXPRESS kit and how I was so fed up with Yamaha's tech support that I was determined to step up to a set of roland v-customs sooner, rather than later. I just got them about 2 weeks ago and they are AWESOME!! I don't know how I lived without them all this time!! It's good to be one of you now officially Here's my question. The kit set me back a substantial piece of change (as I'm sure all of you can relate) and now I want to be sure that when I gig out with them that my investment is well protected. But, I can't really afford nice drum cases right now. Any ideas on inexpensive drum cases? I was thinking of getting a couple of large rubbermaid tubs and maybe lining them with polyurethane foam or something like this. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I think one (cheap!) drumbag for a 10" tom will hold a few(if not all) your pads. And there's lots of other drum hardware bags and so on which you can use to put your stuff in. Just fill the empty space up with foam or something
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      Dear Mudyax,

      I use a large Igloo ice chest. No liner needed, put toms on their rubber rims, use cardboard pieces for sectioning. Has worked well for at least a year.
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        hey ginger...do the v's stay cold ?


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          I bought a 118 liter/31 Gallon hinged GSC storage locker from Walmart for around $20 Canadian. This item will be great for the really short trips in the back of the station wagon. It carries all my pads except the bass drum trigger and Pintech Mesh headed bass drum pad I have. It also has enough room for the hihat pedal.

          I am heading back to pick up another tote/storage box for my Pintech Mesh headed bass drum pad, double bass drum pedal, Roland bd trigger and Yamaha bd pedal.

          I am looking for possible ideas to carry my TD10 module safely.

          Hope this helps.

          I can send along some photos if you like...

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            I use a Rubbermaid container, 2 of them actually - one for hardware, the other for my toms and snare. The drums are all in TKO bags, then dumped into a rubbermaid...I think I have about $30 into them.
            I realize it is a poor mans approach, but it works for me... I gig about once / month... Touring drummers are going to laugh at this and flame me....hahaha...



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              Hey V-drummers,

              Thanks for all the suggestions! These are GREAT!! I know, it's a poor man's approach and I'm sure to take a ribbing, but I'm a graduate student and the $2500 wad I dropped on the kit and accessories has me just too strapped to consider "real" drum cases for now. But, I want my gear to be protected when I gig out. Right now I'm in the band formation/rehearsal mode. So, I don't anticipate gigs for a couple months yet. But, in the meantime, I want to be planning and be ready to hit the road. I'll probably go with the rubbermaid tubs for carrying accessories and such. Cyberjam/gingerbaker, I like your ideas very much. I would have NEVER thought to use coolers for cases. Far out! What will humans think of next? Pretty cool! I'll start checking them out. Cyberjam, I'd love to see pics of your setup too (hit me at [email protected]). Yea, transporting the brain is a problem (that sounds pretty funny!! If it were not for the attachment sleeve, it would be a lot easier. I don't want to have to remove the sleeve each time I pack up. Any ideas here would be great too! Thanks again for all the killer ideas! This support network just rules!


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                Cooler bags - acoustic kit toms

                I have an acoustic kit, but i was dying to tell everyone aside from my indifferent gf about my improvised drum cases.

                I've recently discovered cylindrical cooler bags in our local bargain store chain and they're actually a nice red glossy colour too. Unfortunately it only fits my two small toms. And then behold, boxing day sale today and I found a 14 inch one, same colour, red, except no black lining so I took to the permanent marker and intricately coloured in every bit of grey seam.

                The problem though, is the 14 inch tom case was an ex-christmas themed cooler bag with screen printed christmas trees, with a bit of googling we learnt that my gf's nail polish remover was the key to removing these damned trees. So yes, 2 hours of my life I will never have back, using acetone on cotton removing christmas trees from my floor tom bag.

                All these cases so far has added up to $40.