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Toms only sound if I play lightly

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  • Toms only sound if I play lightly

    I have a straight TD-10, no expansion card... I also have some mesh-headed toms that I use for percussion sounds. When I tap them lightly, they play well, but if I get into them a bit and hit them harder, they don't make a sound or only a muted sound. I have tried all head tensions and sensitivity settings I can think of! Also, if I roll across them, often the first strike will be missed, but all subsequent ones will be picked up. Or, if I roll across them and change my tempo, say from 32's to 16's, it's like the brain things my strikes are crosstalk and cancels them out... Very odd behavior. Anybody come across this yet? I searched the archives but didn't come up with much.

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    Just a guess but there is a crossfade programming option that maybe causing your problem. The way it works is that the harder you hit the pad, it causes a first sound to slowly fade out and a second sound to appear. Maybe the second sound isn't programmed in but the cross fade is still active on the toms and as you hit the pads harder it crossfades into no sound.